My name is Roy Ward. I specialize in writing highly optimized code.

I have a deep understanding of what is going on at all levels, from digital circuitry, CPU design, assembly, higher level languages, data structures, all the way to compilers and operating systems, and I apply this multi-level understanding to everything I do. I also bring to bear my strong mathematics skills which help direct me towards a highly efficient solution to whatever problem I am working on.

I have a particular interest in number representation.

This is a portfolio website for some of the projects that I have been involved with. Like everything in life, it is a work in progress.

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Galaxy Generator Project - generate and navigate around a 400 billion star galaxy, on Android, Linux and Windows. Pre-alpha downloads now available for Android, Linux and Windows.

Open source projects

Pseudo-Double        Random Variate Poisson

Note About blog postings: I plan to release a new post every two weeks, usually Tuesday AM. Next up is “Optimization Example Mandelbrot Part 2”, which I expect to publish on 2024-02-27.