This blog is focused on software engineering topics of interest to me - mostly software optimization, number representation and compilers. Typically I will take a problem that I’m working on or worked on in the past, and describe the problem and the (somewhat sanitized) steps I took to solve it, including some of the thought processes that led me there.

Criteria for blog posts:

  • It has to be based on my work - I’m not intending to package other people’s ideas.

  • It has to be something with at least some level of technical depth.

  • There has to be some level of novelty - it has to be something which I haven’t seen described anywhere else, and which required some thought. This is not the same as academically novel, as I’m not doing full literature searches for any of these.

  • I will describe what I’m doing in enough detail that it should be reasonably easy to reproduce. I’m not going to hide any steps. Sometimes source code will be included.

  • It has to be something I can develop (if not a past problem I’m looking at) and write up in two weeks or so - I’m trying to keep to a roughly two week frequency.

  • It has to be something that is not to my knowledge patent encumbered and that I’m freely allowed to share.

  • There is no requirement that what I post about is generally useful - sometimes the requirements are specialized and my solution might be good for that but not much else, although there may still be some value in the process of how I arrived at the solution.

Note that many of the posts so far have been related to the Galaxy Generator. This because there are several challenges I have found in working on that project suitable for writing about, and because much of the other optimization work I’ve done has been proprietary.

If you have something that you think might make a good blog topic that fits these critera, please contact me. If you have a problem that you want to solve that you don’t want shared, I am available for hire or consulting.